To contact Nasycon Company and place orders send an email to sales@nasycon.com or a phone call at +39 011 8192403, or a message to mob phone +39 335290898


NASYCON di Alvaro Nicolino

Legal Site: Strada del Lauro 26 10132 Torino
Operative Site: Via delle Certaie n 45 , 10060 Airasca (Italy)

VAT N N 11836160017
Tel +39 011 8192403,Tel +39 335 290898

skype: alvaronicola

email : sales@nasycon.com


NOTE FOR PURCHASING NASYCON PRODUCTS : All prices shown are valid for components product supply : blade,guard,rubber tip cover,battery,pistol handle for the weapons and body,brackets,knobs for the masks .They include VAT amount that can be removed for extra-european customers or for customers who have an European VAT number.In particular for the countries Svitzerland , Norvey, South Corea import taxes are not due thanks to the fact tha Nasycon has been reconized as Exporter of preferential origin, authorization number from ITALIAN CUSTOM: IT/013/TO/13 released on 18-07-13. Transport cost not included.
It is possible to buy our products directley at Nasycon or c/o our resellers see DEALERS list section on this web site. Payment can be done by bank transfer.

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