NASYCON is a Company born in 1999 with the scope to introduce into the market a new plastic fencing material for beginnersí fencing teaching called ARAMIS 2 FENCING FOR ALL" .The product is meant to satisfy the need to improve the initial fencing phase. At the same time it is a tool capable to attract more people to the fencing sport : this because with an affordable price it is possible to get a plastic electronic foil (with or without sound signaling) and a mask (with mesh wire visor ) and be ready to start fencing! No need of wiring, no need of fencing suits.

We believe that Aramis KIT "FENCING FOR ALL" is the appropriate tool to implement a new and better approach for fencing promotion. Moore than 100.000 pieces have been produced so far dec 2017, it has proved to be very useful for the fencing diffusion. Not only children are attracted by ARAMIS, in fact, thanks to its versatility, it has been welcome and sold all over the world, as an amatorial fencing tool for every age.

Nasyson Company Mission Profile is to give the best contribute on fencing diffusion and will not stop to introduce more products into the market: others new products are under development to satisfy new needs : they will be available in the next future. The "NEWS" section of this site will be updated with all informations related the news products introduced into the market by NASYCON.

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